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We are working on a new experience for our guests. Our new brand will offer more variety while still holding on to our southern influence. We hope that as we tweak our image, you'll be pleased with more choices, more value and and the same great service & comfortable surroundings.

We want to emphasis that we're a Neighborhood Eatery. 

What does Neighborhood Eatery mean to us?

In order to be a neighborhood eatery, there needs to be a real sense of community throughout the restaurant. It’s not just the guests that we serve, but also our staff that is a part of the community and that’s what make it such a special place. The first purpose of a neighborhood eatery is the obvious, to eat. It is also a place to come together, where friends and family can meet up, often unexpectedly. A place where memories are made. A place where you leave as family.


Our Rules for a Neighborhood Eatery

  1. The food has to be good. Without question the food has to be top notch. It’s the first reason you’re here… to eat.

  2. The atmosphere as to be comfortable.  A relaxing environment where you can just be yourself.

  3. The service has to be friendly. We want you to feel like you’re with friends, fast and efficient service with a smile is a must.  

We hope to see you soon!
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